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Artest University, Inc., formerly known as Xcel University was founded in September 2007 by former NBA star Metta World Peace and changed it’s name to Artest University in May 2019.   

Artest University has sponsored educational scholarships for numerous youth to attend private high school, colleges, and has sent monetary support to organizations that provide services to empower communities in New York City, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Little Rock, and Nashville

Between our master educators and CTO, Metta is launching a real University from the ground up that will focus on entrepreneurship, sports, technology, wellness, healthcare, childcare,  nursing, psychology, math, real estate and business. 

 Artest University will also launch with a basketball team with student athletes looking to excel in sports and business.  

Artest University 501c3 is raising $500k.  Donate at your own risk.  

Lets Impact The World!