About Us

Artest University, Inc., formerly known as Xcel University was founded in September 2007 by former NBA star Metta World Peace and recently merged with his father Ron Artest Sr’s., non profit organization, The Artest Foundation in May 2019. Combining their shared passion for giving back and making a difference in the community the Artest Family has joined forces birthing Artest University Inc., where they can strengthen their impact in the community in Queensbridge, NY where they are from and in L.A., making Artest University a East Coast/ West Coast entity.

The mission of Artest University focuses on parenting and partnership working with the youth of underprivileged communities through sports activities, education, financial literacy, and mental health awareness.

We have found that underprivileged communities lack access to the guidance necessary to evolve into successful and productive members of society increasing the chances of repeating the same cycle of previous generations that led to the current disadvantage many children face. Artest University seeks to assist in shaping the change necessary by providing the youth with the appropriate scholastic and financial literacy education, sponsorship in sports activities, counseling, and a partnership with the parents in the community.

Artest University’s Co-Founder, Metta World Peace, has an incredible, inspiring story of overcoming many significant obstacles from growing up in one of NY’s most known projects in Queensbridge, to the split of his parents, as well as Mental Health issues. Metta World Peace has beat the odds obtaining a successful NBA career, a collegiate degree, owning a media company Artest Media Group, and Co-Founding a non profit organization. Artest University is carrying out what is most near and dear to Metta World Peace and Ron Artest Sr., educating the youth in the community to award them with the opportunities that may otherwise not be presented providing them with the tools necessary to reach their full potential and beyond.

Welcome to Artest University. We appreciate you and your support.